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Ikerbasque Eusko Jaurlaritza

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University of Deusto

Research Staff - Predoctoral Research Position - Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability research group

Research Field: Economics 
Sub Research Field:  

Job Summary

Predoctoral research position (Formación de Personal Investigador, FPI) in the “Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability” research team (Deusto Business School, campus San Sebastián).

Job Description

We seek a doctorate candidate to research the economic performance of sustainable agricultural businesses. Researching the intersection of agricultural business and sustainability is critical in addressing global challenges such as food security, environmental degradation, and climate change. Accordingly, conducting research in various fields, such as adopting sustainable agricultural practices like organic farming and precision agriculture, is essential. An important area of our research focus is analyzing the economic viability and profitability of sustainable agricultural practices compared to conventional methods. This analysis should consider factors such as input costs, yields, market prices, and externalities. Moreover, it is advisable to explore market demand and consumer preferences for sustainably produced agricultural products, including organic, fair trade, and locally sourced foods, as well as the traceability and certification programs for these products. Achieving sustainable impact often requires pursuing innovative products, services, processes, and business models. For example, sustainable impact can be enhanced by using emerging technologies and creating closed-loop systems in agriculture, where waste products are recycled, reused, or repurposed to minimize resource depletion and environmental pollution. Additionally, research can be conducted by examining the social dimensions of sustainable agriculture, including labor conditions, rural development, gender equity, and community resilience. These research topics offer a broad range of opportunities to investigate and contribute to advancing our knowledge in sustainable agricultural business.

The appointed doctorate candidate will work under the guidance of Dr. Josune Sáenz Martínez in the research team "Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability" led by Dr. Iñaki Peña Legazkue. The Basque Government has acknowledged this research ream in category A.

Objectives of the Pre-Doc position:
The candidate is expected to achieve the following objectives:
- Completion of a doctorate degree at the CETIS program in the University of Deusto.
- Publication of research articles in distinguished journals (FT, ABS and JCR journal lists).
- Collaboration in research projects.
- Participation in research conferences and workshops.
- International stay to enhance research skills.
- Preparation of funding applications.
- Limited teaching at the undergraduate level.
- Dissemination of research findings in the media.

Title of the project to be incorporated:
Economic performance and impact of sustainable agricultural businesses.

PI and/or project manager:
Principal Investigator of Research Team: Iñaki Peña Legazkue, PhD
Thesis supervisor: Josune Sáenz Martínez, PhD

The contract binding the researcher with the University of Deusto will be in the category of "FPI" (Formación de Personal Investigador).

Funding Entity:
Basque Government


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FP7 / PEOPLE / Marie Curie Actions

Research Framework Programme/
Marie Curie Actions
SESAM Agreement Number  

Job Details

Type of Contract Temporary 
Status Full-time 
Hours Per Week 40  
Company/Institute University of Deusto 
Country SPAIN 
State/Province Gipuzkoa 
City Donostia / San Sebastián 

Organization/Institute Contact Data

Organization University of Deusto 
Organization/Institution Type Academic 
Faculty/Department/Research Lab Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability research group 
Country SPAIN 
City Bilbao 
State/Province Bizkaia 
Postal Code E-48007 
Street Avda. de las Universidades 24 
Mobile Phone  

Application Details

Envisaged Job Starting Date 2024-10-01 
Application Deadline 2024-07-25 
How To Apply 

Additional Requirements


We welcome applications from exceptional researchers who hold a solid academic background. Those close to completing their Master's degree may also apply if they have a master's thesis scheduled before July 2024.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to conduct high-quality research and show experience in the areas of sustainable business. The successful candidate will be required to publish in distinguished scientific journals and share the findings also with stakeholders outside of academia.

Deusto Business School emphasizes an international outlook. Candidates must be comfortable in a multilingual environment and have strong written and oral English skills for research and teaching duties.

Other valuable attributes:
We consider the following to be meritorious:
- Practical experience in sustainable business.
- An agenda aligned with the research team's interests.
- International exposure as a student or employee.
- A collegial attitude and a willingness to contribute to the organization.
- Publications (preferably academic publications) in the field of sustainable business.

Specific Requirements


1. The University of Deusto carries out this call within the framework of “General call for Grants allocated to research projects or groups to pursue Doctoral Studies.” For more information on this call, please click on the following link.
2. Please complete the following two steps:
2.1. The online application form.
2.2. Register at the Deusto Career opportunities website (click on the blue "register" button).
3. Official academic transcript of previous official university studies (1st and 2nd cycle), even if they are currently being taken, issued by the corresponding unit. The academic certificate must state the name of the degree programme, the subjects that make up the course syllabus, the subjects passed, the grades obtained and the dates on which they were obtained. The transcript should show the average mark from 0 to 10.
If the studies have been completed abroad, an official academic certificate must be submitted as well as a sworn translation thereof, provided that it is not in one of the two co-official languages of the Basque Autonomous Community or in English. In all cases, the certificate or other supporting document must state the maximum and minimum grades within the corresponding assessment system and the minimum grade required to pass. In addition, the «Statement of equivalence of average grade» of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) or ANECA’s official certificate indicating the average grade of the academic transcript within the Spanish evaluation system must be submitted.
4. Curriculum vitae.
5. Letter of admission to a University of Deusto PhD programme or the enrollment in the program.

We support the inclusion of people with disabilities at the University of Deusto. Therefore, we encourage you to state this condition in the applications (Certificate of Disability equal to or greater than 33%).

Application and deadline:
- Online application + complete the form on the Deusto Job Offers website.
- Deadline: July 25th 2024 at 23:59 local time.
- Contact information: