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Ikerbasque Eusko Jaurlaritza

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This job offer was closed at 2023-05-31

CFM-Centro de Física de Materiales/MPC-Materials Physics Center

4 PhD positions at the Materials Physics Center in San Sebastian

Research Field: Other 
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Job Summary

The Materials Physics Center (CFM) in Donostia / San Sebastián (the Basque Country, Spain) is currently seeking for bright, highly motivated PhD candidates. The successful students will work in an intellectually stimulating environment to develop cutting-edge research on Materials Science, exploring physical and chemical properties of advanced materials, nanostructures and nanodevices, either theoretically or experimentally.

They will have access to the most advanced techniques in the field and develop industry-transferable skills. PhD candidates will work in close interaction with all our scientific staff and a wide group of postdoctoral researchers, and will take advantage of a continuous flow of prestigious international visitors. The center brings together several research teams with international recognition and positioning, developing cutting-edge materials science in state-of-the-art facilities.

Job Description

4 candidates will be selected and granted full studentships. Each studentship will cover a period of three years.

The successful candidates will benefit from an environment that fosters the cross-fertilization of ideas between different research topics. This year, CFM is focused in the following research projects:

Project S1. Biophysics of potassium channels: from atomistic protein folding, to clinical testing and drug design
Project S2. Greenhouse gas sequestration at the atomic scale: dry reforming of methane molecular beams
Project S3. Magnetism meets superconductivity
Project S4. Spin-vibration coupling in magnetic impurities
Project S5. Development of biodegradable adsorbents for the removal of emerging contaminants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals) from water
Project S6. First-principles analysis of the charge-density wave transitions in Kagome topological superconductors
Project S7. Moiré quantum matter in 2D-materials characterized by local spectroscopic techniques
Project S8. PhD in experimental surface electrochemistry 2D materials for water electrolysis.
Project S9. Tuning the Assembly of Proteins in Lipid Bilayers

Application Process: The application process consists in filling an application in the following link:


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Job Details

Type of Contract Temporary 
Status Full-time 
Hours Per Week 37,5  
Company/Institute Asociación de Investigación MPC 
Country SPAIN 

Organization/Institute Contact Data

Organization CFM-Centro de Física de Materiales/MPC-Materials Physics Center 
Organization/Institution Type Research Laboratory 
Faculty/Department/Research Lab  
Country SPAIN 
City Donostia 
State/Province Gipuzkoa 
Postal Code 20018 
Street Manuel Lardizabal Pasealekua, 5 
Phone 943 018 786 
Mobile Phone  

Application Details

Envisaged Job Starting Date 2023-10-01 
Application Deadline 2023-05-31 
How To Apply 

Additional Requirements


Specific Requirements

The PhD studentship will only be granted to successful candidates whose PhD project will be formally registered at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU before 31st December 2023 for the PhD contract to be continued. Therefore, the candidates are required to hold a Master degree granted before the end of 2023.