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Ikerbasque Eusko Jaurlaritza

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This job offer was closed at 2023-04-07

BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

PhD in Bloch representation and correlations in finite-dimensional quantum systems

Research Field: Mathematics 
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Job Summary

PhD in Bloch representation and correlations in finite-dimensional quantum systems

Job Description

Quantum correlations are at the heart of the physics of composite systems. Entanglement arguably is the most striking - and at the same time most well-known - type of quantum correlations. In this PhD project, we aim at new mathematical results for the correlation properties of quantum states by studying the structure of the quantum mechanical state space from a geometrical point of view. Our objective is the development of intuitive concepts for the geometry of the state space, as well as of the measurements, along with the mathematical methods to formally describe the latter, the so-called generalized Bloch representation, which will lead to new insight into the elements of entanglement and correlation theory from an entirely different perspective and thus open the path to a deeper understanding of the principles governing quantum-mechanical correlations.


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FP7 / PEOPLE / Marie Curie Actions

Research Framework Programme/
Marie Curie Actions
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Job Details

Type of Contract Temporary 
Status Full-time 
Hours Per Week 35  
Company/Institute Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM 
Country SPAIN 
State/Province Bizkaia 
City Bilbao 

Organization/Institute Contact Data

Organization BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics 
Organization/Institution Type Research Laboratory 
Faculty/Department/Research Lab  
Country SPAIN 
State/Province Bizkaia 
Postal Code E48009 
Street Alda. Mazarredo, 14 
Phone +34 946 567 842 
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Application Details

Envisaged Job Starting Date 2023-05-15 
Application Deadline 2023-04-07 
How To Apply 

Additional Requirements


Good interpersonal skills.
A proven track record in high level research institutions and universities.
Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative research team.
Ability to present and publish research outcomes in spoken (talks) and written (papers) form.
Fluency in spoken and written English

Specific Requirements

Promising young researchers.
Applicants must have their PhD completed before September 2023.
Master degree preferable in Mathematics or theoretical Physics with a sufficiently good knowledge of quantum mechanics (and possibly quantum information theory). This master should be preferably obtained before July 2023
The preferred candidate will have:
• Strong background in quantum mechanics and quantum information.
• Strong background in mathematics / linear algebra / matrix analysis / convex analysis / inequalities.
• Good programming skills in Mathematica and/or MatLab, Python.