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Ikerbasque Eusko Jaurlaritza

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This job offer was closed at 2022-09-30

DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center

Metal catalysis for the chemical modification of proteins in living cells

Research Field: Physics 
Sub Research Field:  

Job Summary

Are you interested in working as part of a collaborative team to carry out cross-disciplinary research at the interface of metal (photo)catalysis, medicinal chemistry, and protein biochemistry?

This role is ideal for someone interested in developing new metal catalysts for the chemical modification of proteins, and studying their mechanism of action in vitro and in cellulo using a combination of cutting edge spectroscopic and biophysical techniques. This position is funded by “La Caixa” Foundation, La Caixa Junior Leader Fellowship.

This project will lead into exciting new tools that can be applied in the wider field of chemical biology and medicine.

Job Description

You should provide evidence in your application that you meet the following criteria.:

Experience in the synthesis, purification, and characterization of coordination compounds (including NMR, MS, optical spectroscopy).
Ability to manage your own independent original research project, including critical analysis and problem solving.
Ability and willingness to work in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary research environment.

-Desirable skills:
Experience with NMR and / or MS-based proteomics or experience with structural elucidation of metallodrug/target biomolecule adducts;
Experience in homogeneous catalysis;
Experience in photophysics and photochemistry of metal complexes;
MSc in the field of inorganic / bioinorganic chemistry.


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Job Details

Type of Contract Temporary 
Status Full-time 
Hours Per Week   
Company/Institute Fundación Donostia International Physics Center 
Country SPAIN 

Organization/Institute Contact Data

Organization DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center 
Organization/Institution Type Research Laboratory 
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Country SPAIN 
City Donostia - San Sebastian 
Postal Code E-20018 
Street Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 4 
Phone +34 943 01 53 68 
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Application Details

Envisaged Job Starting Date 2022-11-01 
Application Deadline 2022-09-30 
How To Apply e-mail